The citizens of Weir having voted at the election in April, 1896, to establish a public library.

Mayor King submitted the following as a board of directors of which he will be an ex-officio member:  B.S. Abbot,  John Mahan, Thos. Mackie, John Dowd, G.E. Beadie, H. Hayden, Mesdames F. H. Martin, L.H. Byrd, R.B. McIlhaney, Thad Hargies, H.M. Gandle, and J.N. Dodson.

The board was approved.  It was unanimously voted to tender the public library the use of the two upstairs rooms of the city hall.

In December, 1896, Mesdames C.M. Boswell, James Devereaux, S.W. Gould, Emma Weir, J.M. Compton, Frank Gooding, M.E. Bramhill, and A.L. Hayden were added to the list of directors.

In February of 1897, the city passed an ordnance providing the $192.00 be appropriated out of the general funds of the city to maintain the public library.

The library is now financed through a tax levy and support from the Southeast Kansas Library Association.  The library houses 3,669 books and receives books from the Library Association on a rotating basis, approximately 3,000 per year.

The preceding text was taken from the Weir history book from 1976.

The Weir Public Library celebrated its 115th anniversary in 2011.

Currently, there are approximately 10,000 books, 500 videos, 500 DVDs, 300 audio books, 40 periodicals, & 40 novelty cake pans available for lending.  There are 4 public computers with internet.

The Weir Public Library has had 8 librarians.  Eunice Bernardi tenured the longest from 1964 to 1994.

2014 marks the 20th year that the library relocated to 612 South Jefferson in the former Sacred Heart Church.

The library is open 5 to 6 days a week, provides an annual summer reading program,  and we strive to support the community in any way possible.  Ask us about our  6 by 6 preschool program, book deliveries, research, etc.